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Employment & Labour Law

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  • Rating: 5 Lawyer Mississauga - Five Star Review
    Dawn M. Bennett
    Reviewed by
    ~ G.B.

    Dawn was first-class in helping me through the most difficult time in my life. After years of being in a toxic relationship, I separated and had to fight for custody of the children. Read More I was dealing with a problematic ex, Children's Aid, and the overwhelming emotions involved in separation and knowing the children needed protection. Dawn guided me through the process and made it manageable. She answered my questions, and also took time to even speak with my family members who were always concerned about the situation. Now that I know that I will get custody of my children and that they will be cared for emotionally, physically, and mentally I can focus on spending time together.Lawyer Mississauga - Right Quote

  • Gary had helped me when I needed some advice. He was very sincere and helpful. I appreciate his honesty and integrity. I would recommend Gary to my friends and family.Lawyer Mississauga - Right Quote
    ~ K. P., Financial Advisor

  • When I had my first consultation with Dawn Bennett, I immediately knew how very fortunate I was to find someone with all the qualities I was looking for and the personality to honestly and firmly consider all the factors without cutting corners or compromising personal or professional integrity. Read MoreDawn takes the time to ask all the right questions, encourages you to ask questions yourself and very clearly explains all your legal rights/obligations and the different options available, with focus on least acrimonious approach. Her legal briefs, correspondences and documentary submissions are of such a consistently high quality that I am truly amazed. The care and attention that she extends to my case shows a total understanding that there is no one size fit all solution to your unique situation.
    A divorce is never a frivolous exercise but a serious life changing event, I am very blessed to have Dawn as my legal counsel through this very traumatic transition. I am tempted to say never, since no one should be so unfortunate, but I will safely say, should I ever have to go through this experience again, I would be a very happy return client.
    Lawyer Mississauga - Right Quote
    ~ P.C.

  • I was a new immigrant to Canada and raising two young children when my husband filed for divorce. Now, not only was I adjusting to a new country but I had to do it alone. I had no contacts, no money and knew nothing about the legal system here. Dawn Bennett was recommended to me by a colleague of hers and from the moment I met her, I felt I had finally found a safe place. Read MoreShe helped me navigate the divorce process with patience, confidence, honesty and a competitive spirit that brought me to where I am right now... "A calm & determined force, she put her soul into my case
    Dawn helped make me become stronger woman, she helped me become more confident and because of Dawn, I can take my kids to school every day, I have a home to live in, I can take care of my own life, and even have time to volunteer to help others.
    Lawyer Mississauga - Right Quote
    ~ P.S.

  • Gary is very knowledgeable and thorough. He provides legal service that is second to none. He takes the time to listen, then provides valuable recommendations.Lawyer Mississauga - Right Quote
    ~ R. G., VOIP Engineer

  • I'd been separated for a while before I found Dawn Bennett. It was a huge step to hire a lawyer but I felt really comfortable with her. She understood I wanted a safe environment for my kids and my (now ex) husband. Read MoreI know I would have had pressure from other lawyers to "get the most for myself!" but that was not the case with Dawn. She allowed me take a more peaceful and gentle approach to the divorce. She understood when there were certain things I didn't want to do but helped me to understand what HAD to be done under the law.
    She is very professional and knows her stuff!!! What Dawn does is important to the community and I support her 100%.
    Lawyer Mississauga - Right Quote
    ~ C.P

  • I can't ever thank Gary enough for everything he did for me. I felt as if my world was turned upside down, and everything I had worked so hard for had been taken away. Not only did Gary get the results I wanted, but the professional and caring manner in which it was handled has left a lasting impression on me.Lawyer Mississauga - Right Quote
    ~ D. S.

  • I was in the process of a messy divorce with a lawyer I just couldn't connect with. The situation I was in was abusive and getting worse. Dawn knows the law and what needs to be done. She explained step by step what had to happen and why each step had to be taken. Read MoreYou can't skip steps...as much as I may have wanted to at times. In fact, to save fees, she backed off for 8 months at one point knowing that nothing was going to happen anyway...many lawyers would have capitalized on the "messiness of the divorce" to make more money!
    I regard Dawn as a friend and an excellent lawyer, she understands the law, she is organized and exemplifies professionalism!
    Lawyer Mississauga - Right Quote
    ~ E.L.

  • Gary Bennett helped me with an employment law matter, and I was extremely pleased with the outcome. He acted in a professional, ethical, and knowledgeable manner that gave me confidence and assurance that the outcome was fair. He listened to my issues and was able to provide me with exceptional legal advice. I highly recommend Gary to anyone who needs professional legal advice.Lawyer Mississauga - Right Quote
    ~ M. Q.

  • Dawn is a gifted, compassionate and generous person. She made it her goal to keep my cost down as much as possible. It's good knowing you're with someone talking the same language, who is not motivated by personal gain. I would recommend her without any hesitation... in fact, I told a friend of mine about her when he was facing his own divorce and he was every bit as satisfied with her services and the outcome.Lawyer Mississauga - Right Quote
    ~ B.I.

  • Dear Mr. Bennett, I would like to thank you very much for the service that I received from your attorneys. I was very much pleased, and when I called, the promptness of returning the phone call was great. If I have friends or family who need these services, I will be sure to give them your name.Lawyer Mississauga - Right Quote
    ~ M. M.

  • When I found myself in need of a labour lawyer, a family member recommended Gary. I now understand why. Gary was incredible. He asked me lots of good questions. He gathered all the information. He gave me many valuable tips about labour law and pitfalls to avoid in the future. I have no hesitation in recommending Gary to anyone seeking thorough, wise counsel. I would definitely call him again.Lawyer Mississauga - Right Quote
    ~ L. H.

We live in challenging times, when issues such as downsizing, outsourcing, and simple economics can pose a significant threat to your business, as well as your employees. When changes occur in your company, the professional advice of a skilled labour lawyer can help you through the process so that costly court battles can be avoided.

Gary A. Bennett is an experienced Labour and Employment lawyer who represents employees as well as employers in the various areas of federal and provincial labour and employment law.

His wealth of knowledge and experience can help employees handle:
  • Negotiation of termination packages
  • Accommodation of workplace injuries
  • Defending against employment injunctions
  • Discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • Negotiation of executive employment agreements
Acting to protect the interests of employees, Gary has been able to consistently obtain significant compensation for employees involved in wrongful dismissal cases due to improper termination. His experience spans a variety of fields, having represented those in management, finance, sales, telecommunications, unions, and medical professionals. Employees represented by Gary also vary, from Chairman of the Board to general labourers.

On behalf of employers, Gary Bennett advises in the area of human resources. His experience in providing sound legal advice, and facilitating the proper preparation from the onset of the employment relationship has helped many employers avoid costly court battles. When employment is started in the proper manner, an employer is better able to promote and terminate on merit, without the complication of lawsuits. When cases go to court, Gary Bennett is a labour lawyer who defends his clients’ interests in the court. Some of the services our corporate clients receive include:
  • Human rights training
  • Company policy manuals
  • Terminations
  • Mass layoffs
  • Enforcing non-solicitation agreements
Gary also conducts seminars for human resource staff members, advising them on the legalities of their field. We encourage you to arrange for Gary Bennett to speak at your next human resource management training or educational conference.

Labour Law

Gary Bennett’s labour law practice is unique in that he is happy to represent both unionized companies as well as unions and employee associations. In the area of labour law, many lawyers commit themselves to one side or the other, representing only one type of client, either the union or the employer. This way of practice puts the lawyer at risk of developing tunnel vision, limiting their ability to see the overall picture in the arguments in which they are involved.

Gary Bennett brings years of experience to each case. He has assisted employers after the formation of a union by employees, negotiated collective agreements, worked with clients in the preparation of collective bargaining, assisted in the negotiation of contracts, and conducted grievance arbitration meetings to support employee terminations.

He has also helped employees form a certified union or employee association, following many through the entire process, from the initial certification meeting through the approval process with the Labour Board. He has helped unions and employee associations negotiate contracts, and has argued the various grievances that have arisen along the way.

Gary Bennett practices with the commitment to provide both companies and unions with the best legal services that will allow them protection of their interests, and avoid disputes pertaining to labour relations. He has also decertified several unions in various sectors across Ontario. Therefore, he brings a wealth of experience to most aspects of the labour relations process.

Our practice in Mississauga serves the areas of Greater Toronto, Brampton, and Oakville. Contact us today for your consultation with Gary A. Bennett.

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